Little Strikers

If you want to set up your own Little Strikers class please contact Craig,

This program provides fun, fast-paced soccer-related games and activities for the newer players of the game. It develops motor skills, cognitive abilities and peer relationships and introduces children to soccer between the ages of 3 and 6. Sessions are usually 45 minutes in length, once a week.  

All children taking part in a Little Strikers session will be in highly imaginative situations and asked to make their own decisions.

Soccer Academy conducts Little Strikers programs in Spring and the Fall.  Classes will take place once a week for 1 hour a day. We have locations all over Northern Virginia.  


The Little Striker’s staff have been carefully selected for their:

  • Ability to work with these young players
  • Enthusiastic personalities
  • Remarkable patience
  • Soccer Academy has trained the Little Strikers coaching staff in the latest philosophies of the USSF National Youth Coaching Courses.




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Each child needs their own soccer ball and will progress at their own pace.

Why not run your own Little Strikers? If you organize the Little Strikers and get 8 players or more (not including your own player) your player goes for freeContact Craig Scott 703-393-7961 for more details.


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