Soccer Academy makes every effort to conduct its programs as scheduled. We understand that the cancellation of a day of camp or clinic is an inconvenience for the parents and a disappointment to the player. For most of our programs, we are able to provide shelter for light or intermittent rain. Moreover, in appropriate temperature, playing soccer in light rain is a lot of fun.

If the weather forecast calls for sustained, heavy rains and our shelter is inadequate to provide a comfortable environment for the duration of the program, we may be required to cancel the program for the day. Cancellation may also be required if snow or ice makes reasonable transport to the location hazardous for the participants. Cancellation may be required if permission to use the fields or facilities is revoked by the governing authority.

If a program has started and unexpected changes in the weather force cancellation, we will update the website with the cancellation information and notify parents by calls to the contact numbers that are provided on the application and medical forms. We also encourage parents to make arrangements for the pick-up of their children if the weather suddenly turns nasty or if lightning or tornadoes warnings are issued.

In the event of the cancellation, we will endeavor to make up the time by extending the program or providing an alternative program. However, the means of making up time vary by program. Please consult your coach/director or call Soccer Academy to determine how the time will be made up.